Proper(ty) Bash

Proper(ty) Bash is a free chromium extension that adds a comments section to your favorite real estate websites!

This a Chromium browser extension that allows you to write comments on properties found on some real estate websites.

Don't see the website you want?
Drop us a message below and we'll look into adding it!

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Sure! If this extension gains traction and there's enough interest, I have more features that I might add.
You can also request features by dropping us a message below!

  • Signup with phone numbers.
  • Ability to delete and edit own comments.
  • Ability to report comments.
  • Profiles to view all comments made.
  • Comment replying and upvoting.
  • Property rating system (over 5 stars?).
  • Idk - Anything else I can think of.

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